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Kibworth Cemetery Improvements and how you can help

The cemetery is a community owned facility, managed and operated by a joint committee from both parishes and paid for via the precept on council tax. We take some pride in maintaining this tranquil place and are constantly working to ensure that it remains a place of beauty and respect for all of our loved ones. During late May and early June this year we experienced some problems in maintaining our usual high standard of tidiness due to labour shortage at our contracted landscape company. Happily, these problems have now been resolved.

Among the plans that your committee are currently considering are a system of signage to assist visitors in finding their way around, new footpaths to make easier access to the newer burial areas and the ongoing development of the natural burial area. All of our plans are subject to budgetary limitations and so we have to take care that we spend council tax payers money wisely.

Since the cemetery is open to all visitors we think that any ideas that you might have to improve the appearance and facilities within the grounds would be welcomed. All you have to do is contact our Clerk, Mrs Christina Baker, via email to clerk@kibworthcemetery.org.uk or by telephone 07760 482582.

The biggest single cost of running the cemetery is the mowing and landscaping contract. Whilst this contract takes care of the majority of the workload, there are some tasks around weed control and maintenance of graves and memorials as well as the footpaths that we feel might be best suited to a team of volunteers with gardening experience to keep an eye on this aspect. If you feel that this idea has merit and would like to become one of a small team of such volunteers and provide some of your time, then please contact our Clerk, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Philip Bothwell
Burial Committee
Issue 404
September 2018

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