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Richard Darke Awards

The Kibworth & Fleckney Rotary Club made its annual Richard Darke Awards during the summer.

Florence Green was presented with the award at Kibworth Primary School in May this year.

The school said “Florence always gives of her best and her attitude to learning is exemplary. She has been an integral member of the school council becoming chair in her final year. Florence has always been willing to help other children especially those younger than herself. Kibworth Primary School will be less of a place without her positivity, cheerfulness, kindness and helpfulness”.

Alice Anderson was presented with the award at The Kibworth School also in May. Teachers said “Alice joined the school in February 2017 and has become a very active member of the school. She was involved in the Plastic Awareness day. As a result, the school switched back from plastic to metal cutlery, and proper plates, with pasta pots becoming recyclable. She volunteered in the school canteen to ensure students were recycling accordingly. Alice is also an active member of the School Council. She did a sterling job organising a raffle raising £1,000+, and participated in Steps fitness challenge, both in aid of Cancer Research, a charity close to her heart”. 

Finley Cowan was presented with award at Church Langton Primary School. The school said “Throughout his time at Church Langton Primary School Finley has demonstrated a caring attitude and willingness to take on the various challenges given to him. He has been an excellent role model to other students at the school.”


The Kibworth & Fleckney Rotary club also distributed Dictionaries for Life, personalised for all pupils leaving the schools at the end of the 2017/18 school year.

Kibworth & Fleckney Rotary club meets every Tuesday evening at the Kibworth Golf Club, Weir Lane, Kibworth. You would be most welcome to come and meet us. Contact Elaine on (0116) 240 2330 or elaine@hi2events.co.uk.


Issue 404
September 2018

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