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Why is The Phone Box Green?

This question has been asked by so many people, when passing through Gumley in the last few weeks.

One gentleman asked me if he could record my response to this question on his phone, so that he could send it to his daughter at university. She is looking at phone boxes and the history of them, as part of her dissertation and he knew she would be interested in the changes made.

The phone box has been decommissioned by BT and adopted by Gumley Village, as an Information Kiosk. When completed it will house a map of the village, showing the layout and names of the houses, shelving for books and magazines (that are free to take, any donations of these can be added by all) There will be various produce for sale i.e. homemade jam, locally produced eggs, etc.

The colour was chosen by Gumley residents who thought that it would be nice to match the kiosk with the nearby water pump, which was renovated and painted last year.

We have kept the original red paintwork inside the kiosk for Historical Reference.

There is a bench next to the Kiosk, a good place to take a rest and have a read of one of the magazines/books available. Many delivery drivers find it very difficult to deliver in Gumley, there are no numbers on the houses only names and these aren’t always easy to see. We hope that the Information Kiosk should make their job easier to do.

Lynda Chapman
Issue 404
September 2018

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