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State of the art equipment for Kibworth Fish Bar

The Kibworth Fish Bar has recently invested over £50,000 in a new Florigo high efficiency frying range. The decision was taken to invest in a new range, primarily to improve the quality of the chips that are served and to reduce waiting times.

With the increased capacity, a constant  smaller batch of fresh chips can be produced every 90 seconds, as opposed to a large batch every seven minutes with the old range. This means that chips will not need to be cooked and stored in the hot hold cabinet in anticipation of a rush. The extra capacity will also reduce waiting times during busy periods, as there can be a nearly constant flow of fresh chips, when needed.

The new range also comes equipped with active triple filtration which filters out even the finest impurities and keeps the oil cleaner. Not only this, but the system keeps the working area cleaner and safer, allowing staff to do their job optimally.

Nayan Dhutia, who took over the business in February this year, commented, "I was new to the fish and chip business when I took over the Kibworth Fish Bar. As with all trades there is a steep learning curve. I sought the advice of experienced and prominent people within the industry to improve the quality of the fish and chips we serve.

"I was told that the best way to increase the quality of the food was to keep them as fresh as possible, which either meant having customers wait longer, or to take the plunge and invest in a high efficiency frying range. I wanted the freshest product and the least waiting time - investing in the new range was the only option.

"I would like to thank the people of Kibworth who have made me feel so welcome within the community for the short time I have been here."

Nayan Dhutia
Issue 405
October 2018

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