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Dear Editor - Open Letter to Blake Pain (councillor)

Dear Councillor,

I have just read Leicestershire Matters and the section relating to the location of new average speed cameras - it angered me and my family greatly. You cannot be unaware of the A6 traffic issues blighting Kibworth Harcourt.

My family have lived in Hall Close since March 1994 and we and a load of other Kibworth residents have been impacted for over 10 years from increasing traffic and especially speeding traffic, including HGVs.

Please may I ask how it is possible for you and your colleagues to ignore the following when deciding on the locations:

  • the rate of speeding fully laden HGVs, particularly during the hours of dusk to dawn, (see Traffic survey 2015) through the Kibworths
  • the noise pollution caused by the poor road design and pedestrian refuge at the Munt, where HGVs hitting the kerbstones and the sudden dip in the carriageway are causing massively loud ‘explosion’ like noises and vibrations which shake houses in the vicinity well over 100 feet from the road with the long term damage to the fabric of these houses being obvious
  • the huge impact of killer pollution from this traffic. I suffer from a chronic lung problem brought on by this pollution
  • the fact that Leicestershire Constabulary have gone on record stating that speeding traffic is NOT a priority and that they have REFUSED to put speed cameras in Kibworth as well as refusing to site mobile speed cameras. I have been told that the safety of their officers is more important than upholding the Law and there is a conspicuous absence of Police presence on the A6
  • traffic speeds on the A6 by some vehicles are often in excess of 100mph, which I have experienced both as a motorist and cyclist What were the results of the traffic density surveys conducted at Oadby, Sharnford and Walcote? and was there any comparative analysis done for Kibworth Harcourt? Is this data available to me as a taxpayer? and what were the reasons these locations were selected over Kibworth?

I have tried, for 10 years, to get Leicestershire Highways to address these issues. I should point out that, whilst I have no knowledge of the inner workings of LCCH and other agencies, I do know that LCC is fully aware of the A6/Kibworth issues, that it has been acknowledged by very senior employees as a ‘problem’ for years and that the reasons (excuses) given for taking no action on the issues I have continually raised are totally spurious and tantamount to a bunch of self-serving lies.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ian Simpson
Kibworth Harcourt
Issue 405
October 2018

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