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Looking Back - Loyal Band of Musicians

Many thanks to Robert Cooper who has kindly forwarded to the Chronicle this photograph and article which appeared in the Harborough Mail during November 1984.

The church choir at Kibworth has proved itself an extremely loyal group, which is just as well in the circumstances. Its workload seems to be forever on the increase. "We average two services every Sunday and a very heavy commitment of weddings in the summer - only on one occasion were we not asked for. Members attend choir practice every Thursday night too. They are very loyal indeed," said choirmaster Mr Roger Garratt.

Mr Garratt prefers to view it as a choir-cum-music group, a natural choice since he is head of music at Kibworth High School. This has resulted in a versatile 30 strong choir who not only sing but also include talented guitarists, clarinet and flute players and pianists.

"A lot are very good instrumentalists and they play regularly almost every week when I play the organ. I am very keen on this side of it," said Mr Garratt.

The choir's varied skills were put to the test recently when they combined with the church drama group SWORD, St Wilfrid's Organisation for Religious Drama, in staging a dramatic version of David and Goliath.

Mr Garratt added, "The two groups are doing more and more things together and on this occasion we did a whole service, which was extremely well done."

On Sunday the choir is taking part in a carol service to mark the start of Advent, the first of its kind in Kibworth. The church is also launching an Advent calendar. Members will again be busy over the Christmas period.

Until last year Kibworth had an all male choir, but girls have been introduced since then and now form the majority.

There is a waiting list of people wishing to join - an indication of the group's success and popularity.

Issue 405
October 2018

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