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District of Harborough Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood planning is a way for communities to help decide the future of the places where they live and work. Communities are able to choose where they want new homes, shops and offices to be built, have their say on what those new buildings should look like, what infrastructure should be provided, and grant planning permission for the new buildings they want to see go ahead.

Over the last 5 years Harborough District Council (HDC) has been extremely successful in working with communities to delivering Neighbourhood Plans. Harborough District currently has 15 made plans with another 3 due to go to referendum in the New Year.

HDC is supportive of Neighbourhood Planning in all our communities. After a successful referendum a Neighbourhood Plan becomes part of the development plan for the District and is then used by Planning Officers to help determine planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area.

Neighbourhood Plans have already been used in Broughton Astley, Foxton, North Kilworth, Houghton on the Hill, Billesdon and Scraptoft, amongst others, to help determine Planning Applications and ensure housing development is built in the right places. Where communities have provided evidence, Plans have also been used to protect important green areas and community assets from inappropriate development.

Cllr Phil King, Harborough District Council's Portfolio Holder for Planning and Regeneration, said: "Neighbourhood planning enables communities to play a much stronger role in shaping the areas in which they live and work and in supporting new development proposals."

Cllr King added: "HDC will continue to help communities prepare new Plans, review existing Plans and use adopted Plans to deliver a positive vision for how they want their community to develop over the next 10, 15 or 20 years in ways that meet identified local need and make sense for local people."

Find out more at www.harborough.gov.uk/neighbourhood-planning

Issue 405
October 2018

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