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Kibworth History Society

Some fantastic news from the Science Department! Dr P Blas, a teacher at the school, is about to publish, for the first time, a scientific paper on cancer drugs after conducting 15 years of research. The paper publication is a unique individual piece of Science that Dr Blas has discovered from his work during his PhD, which he completed at UCL (University College London) and the Royal Free Hospital in London.

The title of his paper is ‘The use of surface active agents in the protection of fusion proteins during bioprocessing’, which in basic terms means Dr Blas is the first scientist in the world to discover and proved a way of increasing the amount of a drug to treat bowel and colorectal cancer.

If Dr Blas’ process is used by other drug companies, it will help provide cheaper value for money cancer drugs for all, saving millions of people’s lives with cancer as the drugs will be more economical to manufacture.

This is Dr Blas’ first of three publications, after which the Welcome Trust and University of Leicester could offer him the title of visiting Professor. At the moment six other Professors from different Universities are checking his paper, five of them have agreed the research is correct. Once successful, the paper will become public worldwide and Dr Blas may become famous among the scientific community!



Hola Espana!

This summer Spanish teacher Miss Bolivar-Medina was thrilled to lead our first ever study tour to Spain. Fifteen Year 9 and 10 students studying GCSE Spanish flew to Madrid where they spent four days immersed in the language, history, culture and customs of this vibrant city (except when they stopped to watch England win!).

In 2019 the Spanish students will head to Barcelona, where Miss Boliva-Medina lived with her family as a child. Students will take Spanish lessons, alongside exploring the rich history, art and architecture of the city.

The next generation

On 26 September we were delighted to welcome just under 200 Year 6 pupils and their families, from many different villages and primary schools, to our open evening for prospective students. Thank you so much for coming everyone and making it a fun and lively evening, and we look forward to seeing many of you again later in the year.

The closing date for applications for secondary school places is 31 October so there’s still time to squeeze in a visit to school after the half term break if you missed the open evening - simply call the school office on (0116) 279 2238 to arrange your visit.

Year 9 are planning ahead…

All Year 9 students were off timetable for a day earlier this month to focus on their futures ahead of making their GCSE choices next term. The different activities got them thinking about themselves - their skills and qualities, what influences them, how they work in a team, what their ambitions and dreams are, and how they learn, to help decide which options they will take, including work experience opportunities.

Students who took part said: “Really useful… very informative”, “Useful to look at jobs I didn’t even know existed!” and “Made me think about myself and what I am good at.”

A great interactive, informative day, thank you to all who took part or helped in some way

Your school Lottery

Our new school lottery - be in it to win it!

Saturday 20 October will be the very first draw of our new school lottery, so sign up now to be in it to win it! Your School Lottery is a national organisation who operate a lottery, with local prizes and a weekly national jackpot of £25,000, on behalf of schools/PTAs to support their fundraising. It’s only £1 a ticket, so you can spend as much or as little as you wish each week, and stop and start when you want to. 40p from every £1 spent is donated back to the school to help enhance facilities and experiences for our students. Anyone can get involved, no need to have any links with the school, it’s like any other lottery scheme but our children benefit.

To join visit www.yourschoollottery.co.uk/play and search for ‘The Kibworth School’. It takes just a couple of minutes to choose your numbers and pay online either by card or Direct Debit. Thanks so much for your support, it really will make a difference - good luck!

  Issue 405
October 2018

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