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Foxton Primary School Remembers

The children at Foxton Primary School, like children all over the country, have been learning about Remembrance and Armistice. From the youngest children in Pre-School who learn about saying ‘thank you’ to the people who help us, including members of the armed forces, right through to the Year 5 and 6 class whose work contributed to the Armistice Commemorations in Foxton village hall and church. These children wrote poetry inspired by World War One poets, completed some thought-provoking art work and wrote letters of thanks to the 12 men from Foxton who bravely gave their lives during World War One - including a great-great-uncle of one class member.

On Friday 9 November, the children visited the displays in Foxton and were able to discuss the items there with members of the village community. They learnt more about the lives of those who fought and died in the war and were struck by how normal they had been before the conflict.

At school, a new collection of poppies has been started which will be added to over the coming years ensuring that, no matter how long ago the war seems, and how young we are, we will remember them.

    Phillip Clarke, Head Teacher
Issue 406
November 2018

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