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The Handy Twins turn 80

Dorothy Ward and Erica Swinn were born six weeks premature on 27 November 1938 in Station Hollow, Kibworth Beauchamp. Their parents Alex and Nora Handy had the twin girls christened without delay as they were not expected to live, Erica after Dr Eric Morrison, who delivered them and Dorothy, after Dorothy Homer, the nurse in attendance.

Now 80 years on, these twins, who still live near to each other in Kibworth, celebrated their special birthday at ‘The Roebuck’, in Market Harborough, surrounded by members of both families.

Earlier this year, Dorothy (on left) and Erica, attended a concert, to hear their favourite singer, Daniel O’Donnell. They have both been fans of his for many years. After the performance, they were able to have this photograph taken with him.

Considering their predicted short life expectancy, back in 1938, it’s good to know that both survived and have been able to celebrate their memorable birthday together.

Glyn Hatfield
Issue 407
December 2018

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