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Prime Minister awards Tur Langton Couple

The Prime Minister has recognised Dr Sue Hills and Professor Clive Ruggles, from Tur Langton, for raising awareness of stalking and coercive control.

Sue and Clive founded the ‘Alice Ruggles Trust’ following the death of their daughter Alice, aged 24, at the hands of her obsessive ex-boyfriend. The Trust raises awareness of stalking, coercive control and domestic abuse through education and teaching. Clive and Sue have worked with the Crown Prosecution Service, the Police, and the Home Office to improve how stalking is recorded through the National Crime Registrar and have campaigned for the Stalking Protection Bill. They have taken part in professional training events across the UK, involving the police, CPS and probation officers and they have also been involved in numerous documentaries, interviews and reports to share Alice’s story and raise awareness about coercive control and legal measures.

Sue and Clive were presented with their ‘Points of Light’ award, which recognises outstanding volunteers who are making a change in their community and inspiring others, by MP Neil O’Brien at the House of Commons.

Issue 407
December 2018

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