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Obituary - Barbara Ward

17 February 1930 - 10 November 1918

Barbara Ward, of Kibworth Harcourt, passed away after a mercifully short battle with cancer. She was 88. Barbara was born in Leicester but moved to the village in 1953 after her marriage to Harold Ward, a local lad who managed the Gent fire alarm factory then located on the Leicester Road.

She took a job in the showroom of the Kibworth Gas Company on New Road and rather imagined that this would involve dealing with customers and window dressing - activities that she was used to. She was a bit startled when she discovered that her duties would also include walking around a pile of coke as big as a house and estimating how much was in it! Gas was made on site behind the showroom and the retort house - hot and acrid and sulphurous - reminded her of hell. Despite all that, the job turned out to be an excellent introduction to village life and she soon got to know everyone when they came to pay their gas bills.
Barbara embraced village life, joining the WI, making jellies for school Christmas parties and helping to run the Brownies - some people there may remember her as ‘Barnaby’. In her later years she was a keen member of the Kibworth History Society.

She will be sadly missed by daughters Gill and Kate, grandchildren Nat, Em, Alex and Jasmine, as well as by other members of her extended family and friends.


Glyn Hatfield
Issue 407
December 2018

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