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International science success

More fantastic news from the Department of Science at The Kibworth School!

Dr Peter Blas’s international science publication on improving yields for fusion protein cancer drugs has been approved and accepted by the very prestigious high impact American journal, Biotechnology and Bioengineering. The research is now deemed so important to the scientific community it has been made open access by the journal which means it is available for everybody to read and learn from online. If you’d like to read the full paper, search ‘Peter Blas fusion proteins’.

Supported by Mrs Merry, The Kibworth School’s Headteacher, Dr Blas will continue to share his unique contribution to the field of Bioprocess and Biochemical Engineering. He has now also been invited to give talks in Dubai, Osaka, Zurich, California and Lisbon, and he hopes this will inspire all the students he teaches to reach for worldwide success in their future careers also.


Issue 408
January 2019

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