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Kibworth WI

Foxton WI hosted and arranged this year’s annual Fernie South Group carol. Outside the church a simple nativity scene was lit up and tiny tea lights along the path to the prettily lit porch welcomed us. We all enjoyed the service, the warm atmosphere, the decorated Christmas trees and the festive refreshments. Thank you, Foxton ladies!

We held our Christmas party in the lovely setting of St Wilfrid’s church hall. An interesting presentation of ‘A Tudor and Stuart Christmas’, which told us the history of many of our traditions and sayings, had us agreeing that we much prefer the modern recipes for mince pies to the historic ones containing meat - even if they were a status symbol back then! Members enjoyed a superb ‘bring and share’ buffet, washed down with the ‘bubbly’ which we won earlier in the year for our County Centenary scrapbook entry. To round off the evening we held a ‘Secret Santa’ and sang carols accompanied on the piano by Janice Hooper-Roe.

The Railway pub was the venue for our County Federation Tournament 4th round skittles match against Gilmorton WI. In the early stages we were losing, but gradually started to gain on our opponents. Then it was suggested that our players should try talking nicely to their cheeses and two at least (who shall be nameless) could be heard crooning ‘Come on, you can do it’! Amazingly, the match ended in a draw, which meant we faced a ‘sudden death’ scenario. Even more amazingly, we won by just one skittle! What a finale to our Centenary year!

Rachel Lundy will talk about ‘How an ordinary woman finds herself cycling across the USA with 8 strangers’ at our next meeting on 14 February at 7.30pm in the GSH.

Pat Sharman
Issue 408
January 2019

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