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My name is James Arnold, and along with Gregg Roantree, a teacher at Kibworth CE Primary School, we have created a children’s Rugby club at Kibworth Primary School, holding classes every Sunday morning.
We are both so passionate about the benefits of sport in children. We have 7 children under 6 years between our two families and noticed a lack of multi-activity clubs in the local community. Being great Rugby fans, we decided to start our own - with Rugby in mind. This grew to Rugby Stars www.rugbystars.co.uk.

We have close ties to the primary school, and they agreed to allow us to hold classes every Sunday morning in the school hall. We started in January and classes have been met with great feedback from parents. We love to spread the word to the local community

We warmly welcome toddlers and children ages 18 months through to 6 years. Each age group is split into corresponding classes: Micros, Minis and Juniors.

It is our belief that Rugby should be accessible to all, much like football. In setting up ‘Rugby Stars’ we want to encourage all young children in Kibworth and the surrounding areas to get active, be sociable and enjoy learning some great Rugby skills along the way.

Our ambition is to give young children a gentle introduction to Rugby and sports in general. Our sessions are fun and active, each carefully designed to improve fitness, flexibility and confidence, all within a pressure-free environment. If you are interested in getting your child involved, you can try one of our great sessions for free. Simply book through our website www.rugbystars.co.uk, or telephone James on 07710 399705, Gregg on 07852 464655 or email info@rugbystars.co.uk.

James Arnold & Gregg Roantree
Rugby Stars
Issue 409
February 2019

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