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Superheroes in Year 1
In Year 1, the children have been learning all about the story of ‘Supertato’ in Literacy. They had a crime scene in the classrooms and there was a new superhero in town. The children had to write sentences to describe the new superhero. The next day, there was a new evil villain who had escaped. The children created wanted posters for people to be on the look out. They also had to design a new super vegetable for their homework of which there were many fantastic creations.

Year 3 visit Cadbury World.
The visit was to learn how chocolate is made and the history of Cadbury, founded by the Cadbury brothers. They discovered the origin of the cocoa bean in the Aztec jungle. They got to see, hold and smell some real Ghanian cocoa pods and learn about some of the key ingredients involved in making the chocolate.

They explored how Cadbury manufacture and design some of their most popular products whilst also seeing talented chocolatiers work their magic. They even had the chance to write their names in chocolate and taste some of their favourite treats.

Hinduism in Year 4
In their RE lessons they have been learning about Hinduism and what a Hindu Bhajan was and how they are performed in worship. After listening to some popular Bhajans for inspiration, they then created their own in small groups, writing lyrics and creating different rhythms with instruments used in Hindu worship.

Wellbeing week.
The week coincided with the ‘National Children’s Mental Health Week’. We started the week with an inspirational assembly and over the course of the week, our children experienced many things including, Christian meditation, made a healthy energy bite snack, took part in whole school ‘wakey shakey’ exercise sessions, learnt about massage and what they can do for their own mental health.

Year 6 explore Frozen Kingdoms
As part of our Frozen Kingdoms topic, Year 6 were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Stimpson, to tell us about his experience of the Arctic during his world record breaking 2015 Wooden Spoon Arctic Rugby Challenge. He told us about all the amazing things he was able to do, and some funny things like, Don’t mix up the poo and snow shovels!”and “Remember to pack your shotgun in case of Polar Bear attacks.” He also explained how important it was as a team to walk in a straight line and stay in a group in case one of you fell through the ice! Many of us have been inspired to try and break our own world record.

Sports news
Year 5 and 6 football team took part in the Rice Bowl tournament. Despite it being a cold and wet afternoon, the team played Badgerbrook Primary School in a battle for a place in the quarter final. Our boys stayed focused, disciplined and showed great attitude and sportsmanship to win 10-2.

Year 5 and 6 basketball team competed at Robert Smyth Academy. Our players had to play against some really strong teams without any breaks between the games. Despite the fact that we didn’t lose any games, we ended up in a tie and had to go through penalty shootouts. Our shooters didn’t fail us and we won the tournament.

Careers day for Year 8,
All Year 8 students were off timetable for the day this month for an interactive kick start to their career planning. The whole year group, around 170 students, spent the day doing different activities to get them thinking about what they enjoy, where their strengths are, how they learn and which subjects they may choose next year when they begin their GCSEs.

There were different themes throughout the day, including linking school subjects to the world of work, communication skills, team effort, problem solving, thinking outside the box, and employability, including building their profile using an online careers platform.

To coincide with this event, Dan Cleary, Principal of Robert Smyth Academy, met at The Kibworth School with Headteacher, Emma Merry. He was very impressed by the focus and hard work shown by the students.

Issue 409
February 2019

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