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Kibworth Art Lovers’ Society

As the expected speaker at our February meeting was indisposed, we were extremely grateful to Lisa Timmerman who stepped in at short notice to do a painting in oils. She gave us a masterclass which was inspirational to see, in her picture of a Village Wedding. Following the marriage of her friends Paula and Chris in Foxton, the entire party had walked from the church down Swingbridge Street, and photos of the event formed the basis of Lisa’s painting.

The original painting has just been submitted to the Royal Academy, so another copy was commissioned for the bridal couple. They are portrayed in front of a procession streaming down the hill from the church, with the groom and bride stepping out at the head of the crowd. The joyful mood of the occasion has been captured beautifully, showing a happy group of people. We were shown how light and dark tones have been used to good effect within a relatively limited palette of colours. Lisa had even incorporated two of her favourite themes, chickens and flowers, into the scene. It was gratifying that Chris and Paula were in the audience to see their painting take shape. (See them, with Lisa, in the photograph below.)

Our next meeting is on 19 (not 26) March when Claire Warner will appraise members’ work. This will be followed on 30 April there with a demonstration of Pastels in springtime by Peter Barker; please note that this is a change to our original programme. We meet in St Wilfrid’s Church Hall starting at 7.30pm; all are welcome.

Ros Holmes
Issue 410
March 2019

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