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Dear Editor - The Brexit Triples

Dear Editor
The Brexit Triples
During a break at last week’s bellringing practice of the Kibworth and Saddington ringers, we raised again the recurring topic of the unfinished method we have for some time been working on. It has been named (provisionally) Brexit Triples. This requires at least seven people working in close, well-informed harmony with each other.

At previous meetings we had made a start and there was some encouraging progress. However, progress was not helped by members coming and going, or simply failing to turn up. A stage has now been reached when we have a very lengthy method, created over time (about two years) which clearly needs some fine tuning in the future before it is acceptable, i.e. up to a standard that will cause the least controversy in the Grandsires of England.

Our main concern lies in when and how we might find an exit strategy for our own team to agree to the composition in an acceptable form. This is proving to be a long way off, particularly as we don’t have a backstop around which there is universal agreement.

We would welcome any advice from your readers regarding an alternative course - a sounding as to whether we should abandon the project altogether and muffle our creativity, i.e. no deal option. That is the dilemma we face. We are, at present, unwilling to guillotine Brexit Triples, or to invoke Minimus Article 50 as to date, so much time, thought and labour has been given to it.

One suggestion made was to look for possible enlightenment beyond these shores. This was quickly dismissed as unpatriotic.

Ernie Stanford
Issue 410
March 2019

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