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Illston on the Hill WI

started the year with a bit of exercise (not too much), we had an evening of ten pin bowling.

This was organised by Hazel in the village hall and was lots of fun, you just cannot believe where the balls go when you send them down to the pins in a straight line! Couldn’t be operator failure could it? We enjoyed getting together again after the festive season and had the opportunity to catch up over delightful refreshments.

We welcomed Alison Rocket in February. Canadian born Alison spent a great deal of time in Uganda where she came across jewellery made by Acholi women. They were forced to flee their homes in Northern Uganda due to atrocities committed against them in a 20-year long war. The women are mainly single mothers
and they work crushing stones in a quarry earning barely enough to feed and clothe their families, leaving nothing for school fees. air quality monitor installed

One alternative to this dangerous work is to make and sell Acholi beads. These are beads handcrafted from paper, yes paper! They are so beautiful. Alison brought many necklaces, bracelets, etc. back with her from a recent trip and sold them in Market Harborough and Canada. They have proved incredibly popular and demand is almost outstripping supply. Alison sends the proceeds back to the Acholi women so they can afford school fees and more materials to make this wonderful jewellery. There were lots on display at Illston which resulted in very brisk sales.

We actually made a bracelet each - under the supervision of Alison - and we are all now proudly wearing our pretty jewellery.

Jane Shute
Issue 410
March 2019

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