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Kibworth Chronicle Index

Kibworth & District Chronicle are pleased to announce that an Index to the first 400 editions is now available both in Kibworth Library as well at the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Records Office in Wigston, thanks to the painstaking work of the late Norman Harrison who had compiled the index up to issue 394 and subsequently finished by George Weston. 

The 178 page booklet allows you to search one of two ways first by people’s names and then in part two by subject matter.  Not everything has been included - all the adverts have been omitted as have all the letters to the editor (with a few exceptions), editorials and short articles of less than 5cms). Parish council meetings are omitted too.

Makes you smile!
Interestingly the entries in the index makes you smile!  For instance if you are looking for say Simeon Illiffe (a local family) you will find it under Illiffe, Simeon 🙂 051/09 which means there is a picture of him in issue 51 on page 9.

Useful resourse
It is a fantastic resource and extremely useful.  The Chronicle are indebted to Norman and George (both members of the now defunct Kibworth History Society) for their endeavours and sheer hard work.  If anyone who reads this would like to carry on indexing issues 401 onwards using the criteria Norman has devised it is possible to make the files available so that this extremely valuable resource is maintained. George has kindly offered to provide assistance to anyone who wishes to take this project forward.  Please contact the editor in the first instance if you are interested.

This Index supersedes the first index which included issues 1 to 200.


Issue 410
March 2019

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