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A Song

to the carol tune ‘Forest Green'
(O Little town of Bethlehem)

One breakfast with the radio on I lent my curious ear;
A listener had contacted to ask if he might hear
The temperature not just for towns but places he was near.
Hence in the forecast Rickinghall in Suffolk did appear.

However the intriguing fact was what their endings tell,
Both Rickinghall Superior, Inferior as well,
Doubtless these words reflected land, the way their gradients fell;
But to this Beauchamp resident they also rang a bell.

Supposing either Kibworth or a Langton took a name
By copying one from Rickinghall - which would give Beauchamp fame?
Or Harcourt, Langton - Church, East, Thorpe, Tur, West - which would each claim?
Somehow I guess its better that our titles stay the same.

Roger Garrett
Issue 410
March 2019

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