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Kibworth BeauchampTraffic Management in Kibworth

The Parish Councils of Kibworth Beauchamp and Kibworth Harcourt are seeking a re-appraisal from Leicestershire County Council of traffic management arrangements in Kibworth and on the A6 through the Kibworth villages.

A succession of planning decisions allowing major housing developments on the boundaries of Kibworth which have no on-site amenities, coupled with the loss or lack of amenities elsewhere, such as post offices in nearby villages, and social change have led to a steady increase in road traffic through Kibworth, in the village centre and on the A6.

The conflict between vehicles and pedestrians is damaging the quality of village life and people’s safety. With several hundred more homes and a business park still to be built, the situation will worsen.

The existing scheme of speed cushions, chicanes and parking bays was designed over 15 years ago. In that time, vehicle ownership has increased as has online shopping (prompting more home deliveries), large 4x4 vehicles have become more popular and buses have also increased in size.

A document identifies measures which can be implemented in the shorter term, and asks LCC to set out a plan, with time frames and targets, for longer term projects.

The recommendations and proposals include:

  1. Finance and funding options and consultation processes.

  2. A6 speed management and junction improvements.

  3. Village centre traffic management and speed cushions.

  4. Parking and signage.

  5. Public transport, pedestrian routes and cycling.

The Kibworth Parish Councils understand the demands of local government funding. Although on a much smaller scale, it feels it also acts with prudence and diligence in managing public money. The intention of this document is not to demand actions that cannot be afforded.

Our aims are to facilitate a positive dialogue between parish, district and county councillors and officers to address present and future traffic management issues. To identify low-cost actions which could mitigate some of the issues in the shorter term. To identify other funding sources for some capital projects (developer contributions re-allocated, parish council reserves and the fourth sector). To engage fully with residents, listening, recording and responding to their views, and to plan positively for the future.

A meeting was held on 9 January between the LCC’s Assistant Director of Highways and Transportation, and parish, district and county councillors representing Kibworth. LCC are now preparing a detailed written response.

The document, which has involved the focussed work and contributions of parish, district and county councillors, and parishioners, and is the result of research and consultation over many months can be viewed here.

Issue 410
March 2019

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