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Ian Silver and Brian Jackson of Leicestershire Search and Rescue gave members a fascinating insight into how they, at the request of police or other emergency organisations, help search for vulnerable and missing people. They are skilled at crime scene protection, casualty evacuation, search and recovery of significant objects and support at major incidents.

It was obvious from the silence of the audience and the questions asked later that members were intrigued by the information that was given. It was uplifting to learn of the wonderful help Ian and Brian’s team gives on a voluntary basis to finding missing people.

Penny, the search dog, was a real hit and she behaved beautifully all afternoon. We were amazed at the equipment contained in the displayed Incident Command Unit Vehicle and we all wish the team the best of luck in finding the funding to replace the 4x4 Pathfinder Vehicles.

According to Ian afterwards, U3A members were extremely generous with their donations following the talk and according to a later tweet on their website they said they raised 224! A good result all round.

Events at Kibworth Grammar School Hall for your diaries on Tuesdays starting 13.45

On 19 March Danny Wells will tell of incredible achievements of Thomas Cook and his temperance-reforming father in his talk, ‘Cook’s Tours’.

Tuesday 16 April Andy Smith - ‘John Paul, George and me’. The Beatles have been Andy Smith’s favourite band since he was 5 years old - and this is his homage to them.

Featuring lots of their well-known songs plus a few album tracks, his talk will celebrate the music of three of the finest songwriters this country has ever produced.

The Kibworth and District U3A is a vibrant membership of 50s+ people who relish fulfilment and challenges, the opportunity to make friends and simply living life to the full.

We offer a wide range of self-learning groups, led by some committed and enthusiastic people, which you can choose to engage in. For instance you can develop your musical abilities, keep the brain active by playing bridge or learning Spanish, unleash your creativity at our crafts and sketching sessions and enjoy exercise with line dancing, table tennis and countryside walks.

In addition, once a month, we get-together at Kibworth Grammar School hall for a stimulating talk and a nice cup of tea.

Go to www.kibworthu3a.org.uk to learn more about us.


Michael Rodber
Issue 410
March 2019

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