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Keeping the countryside clean

How often do you drive along country roads or go for a walk and comment on the amount of litter? Kibworth resident, Liz Gilbert, decided she wanted to do something about it and has started a campaign to encourage everyone who enjoys walking in the countryside to make an effort to pick up rubbish. As she says “it’s our countryside so we have to look after it”. In the last few weeks Liz has collected over 40 bags of rubbish, ten of them filled with items found on the Kibworth to Tur Langton road when it was closed to traffic.

Liz does not envisage it being organised by any group, rather it is a matter of individual responsibility. All that is needed is a litter picker, plastic bags and a high viz jacket.
If you would you like to know where to obtain equipment etc. please email to lizgilbert19@yahoo.co.uk.

The photos show Liz dressed for action with some of her most recent collection and one example of rubbish in a ditch.

Issue 411
April 2019

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