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Illston’s Big Breakfast

Supports Christian Aid in
Illston Village Hall on
Saturday 18 May 8.30 - 11am
It’s no ordinary breakfast!

  • Morris’s sausages, bacon, black pudding and eggs supplied from our local farms served in lots of different ways.
  • Mushrooms, tomatoes, hash browns, baked beans and fried bread will be there in abundance.
  • Tea, coffee, fruit juice, toast with village made marmalades and jams plus honey.

Open to everyone, families with children are especially welcome and it’s all FREE - please donate what you can for Christian Aid.

Over four years we have raised enough money to build a house in Haiti for victims of the earthquakes and hurricanes.

This year Christian Aid is concentrating on Sierra Leone and the terrible death rate of babies and mothers from the sheer lack of health care and midwives. They want to raise enough to build a small health care centre in a country community where hospital availability is non-existent.

It's not compulsory but if those coming let us know it will help with our catering requirements. We can be contacted on neilandviv@btconnect.com or (0116) 259 6837 and 07711 181317.


Neil Robertson
Issue 411
April 2019

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