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Kelvin Lee

My husband, Kelvin (also known as Vic), lived at 37 Hillcrest Avenue as a child. His mum, Edith, worked at the grocery shop on the corner of Kibworth High Street and School Walk, while his father worked for the local water board and played tennis, cricket and bowls for the village. They were all members of the Working Men’s Club.

Kelvin had such a happy childhood in Kibworth, he went to the primary and the Grammar school and sang in the church choir. He started working in a Leicester insurance office, then had a change of career, after he went to horticultural college, when he moved to Basingstoke, later retiring as Head of Direct Services for the council. He continued to enjoy reading the Kibworth Chronicle, which was sent to him by a cousin.

When he was young he managed a local beat group ‘The Morethan Five’ who played in lots of local villages.

He met Wendy and they had two children, Mark and Louise. He was a wonderful husband and a caring Dad.

Kelvin died on 21 February after a long battle with cancer, trialing drugs at the Royal Marsden, and Guildford Hospitals. He will be so sadly missed by family and many friends, after battling so bravely and positively with his illness.

Wendy Lee, Basingstoke
Issue 411
April 2019

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