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Dear Editor - A poem by a Yorkshire reader

Dear Editor
A poem by a Yorkshire reader
Please see below a piece written by my Yorkshire friend, Joan Baldwin.

She has a soft spot for Kibworth, having visited it on many occasions. She would dearly love to live here, but keeps in touch through a subscription to the Chronicle.

The poem was not intended for the paper. She’s always writing, but it made me smile so much that I thought it might do the same for others.   

Deborah Fiddaman
Kibworth Beauchamp


He was such a wonderful plantsman
Greenfingered, green wellied and ‘hosed’
With Garden of Eden
he liked to put seed-in
He came first wherever he showed

She liked to arrange pretty flowers
in buckets and barrows and bowls
The Flower Club’s star
with a vase or a jar
She’d stick anything where there were holes

Twas flowers that brought them together
Twas flowers that taught them to love
And needless to say
They were married in May
with the planets of love up above

Twas flowers that brought them together
False flowers bewitching the heart
But it’s quite fair to say
That as night followed day
It was flowers that drove them apart

She grew sick of the sight of his hostas
His auriculas brought her to tears
His pride in his phlox,
his gloxinias and box
took its toll on her over the years

He drank to get over the chaos
that life with an Artiste can bring
She’d broken his pliers
She’d pinched all his wires
And used all his plant ties and string

He crumbled up all her Oasis
She jumped on his Juniper Rex
With no sign of remorse
she then sued for divorce
and took scissors to all of his kecks

Romance in a beautiful garden
is not all it’s cracked up to be
You’re much better off
with a drink and some scoff
and a crime drama on TV.

by Joan Baldwin
Issue 411
April 2019

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