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New Inn to Glooston

New Inn isn’t a local pub, it’s a ‘hamlet’ on the B6047 near the entrance to Rolleston, and it was the start of our 9mile walk, plotted and led by John Arlott.

Parking in a convenient lay-by we found the stile which marked the beginning of the route that we were taking. The morning was cloudy, the strong easterly breeze bitter and doing its best (but failing) to slow our progress as we traversed several fields of rich pasture before entering Ilston on the Hill. This would normally be a regular lunch stop for us but as the Fox and Goose had recently closed its doors, we carried on, leaving the village via a marked footpath which took us, again, into fields populated by sheep with their new, clinging lambs.

The pace we’d set was a good one, steady and around 3 mil es per hour, helped by the excellent walking conditions, which were firm underfoot. The group remained close together with their pleasant hubbub of conversations mingling with the overhead birdsong of the ubiquitous Skylarks.

After a short coffee ‘picnic’ stop we climbed onto Gartree Road, an old Roman road, which led us on an undulating path to The Old Barn, Glooston, for our welcome lunch stop. The pub, recently refurbished and looking very plush, received us cheerfully and fed us amply from the good priced and generous lunch menu.

This set us all in good stead for our walk back, heading directly north to Noseley Hall, before turning left and then right to pick up the tarmac track which carried us all back safely and happily to the Rolleston Hall entrance and our cars.                              

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For details call David on (0116) 259 3663, email kibworthramblers@gmail.com or visit www.kibworthramblinggroup.co.uk


Issue 411
April 2019

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