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Mini/Junior Tennis Team Events Update
From the end of February through to end of March on a Saturday afternoon 15 Mini/Junior team events for age groups 8&U to 18&U took place. All of the children taking part play at the club and play for one of the two teams called ‘Racket Ralphs’ and ‘Royal Aces’. The current scores after the last set of matches are:

  1. Racket Ralph - 250 points
  2. The Royal Aces - 253 points

The team events will continue during the Easter holiday and start again on a Saturday afternoon at the end of April. Can the Racket Ralph team regain the lead?

Leics Mini & Junior Leagues Starting Soon
Twelve teams have been entered in the Leicestershire Summer Leagues for teams ranging from 8&U through to 18&U. The matches will take place from the end of April through to the end of June, playing different clubs based in Leicestershire. It will be a busy time with over 50 matches to be played. Let’s hope we have another successful season!

Paul Bradfield
Issue 411
April 2019

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