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Kibworth Home Guard

When the call came from Winston Churchill for volunteers to form a Home Guard to defend our towns, villages and 5,000 miles of Britain’s coastline during the Second World War, there was no shortage of men who were prepared to take up arms and support the British Army.

The Home Guard was active from 14 May 1940 until 3 December 1944. Originally, called the ‘Local Defence Volunteers’, the title was deemed to be too long and so it was shortened and became known as the ‘Home Guard’. It was not simply for older men, past conscription age, but also for those young enough to be called up but had not passed the military medicals. Men between 17 and 65 could join and do their bit to defend the realm for King and Country.

Here we see a large contingent of volunteers, posing for a photoshoot in their uniforms, who bravely stepped into the breach and joined the Kibworth Home Guard during the 1940s.

I am grateful to Pat Fisher and family for kindly loaning this interesting piece of local memorabilia. However, there are only three members of the Home Guard (Kibworth’s own ‘Dads Army’) that Pat is able to identify. These are her father, George Bromley, Eddie Welton (school teacher) and Harry Taberer. Can anyone out there recognise any other members of this military gathering? Incidentally, the ‘Home Guard’ was finally disbanded on 31 December 1945.

Glyn Hadfield
Issue 412
May 2019

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