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Illston on the Hill WI

At our last meeting we were given a demonstration on making hanging baskets and filling tubs for the summer season. Angela from Kibworth Garden Centre explained all the pros and cons of a good display, proportion of plants to size of basket or tub, how they are arranged, size and colour and much more. She blinded us (well me anyway) with the horticultural names of the plants she used. Fortunately she had the foresight to label them! She completed some beautiful examples and we are all very keen to get going.

Angela had brought a few plants for sale and did a roaring trade (I picked the ones with the labels). Look out folks when visiting Illston, Gaulby and Norton for wonderful summer displays. Hope you are not disappointed. We all loved the demo and learned a great deal.

We gave ourselves another challenge a month or so ago by making ‘twiddle mitts’ for people suffering from dementia. We had lots of fun making these (as you can see from the photograph), so if we can help others whilst having fun, we end up with a win/win situation. Can’t be bad.

air quality monitor installed

Jane Shute
Issue 412
May 2019

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