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The Talking Chronicle

Some 35 years ago The Kibworth Chronicle, as it was known then, started to provide, with the help of the Association for the Blind, tapes of this publication for people who were either registered blind or have failing eyesight.

Every month since an aural version of the Chronicle has been made by various people over the intervening period and in recent years, Mr and Mrs Greening (0116 279 3887 have taken on this task. They recite each copy of the Kibworth & District Chronicle onto CDs, which have now replaced the tapes, and the completed CDs are distributed to those who have requested a copy and are registered with VISTA.

The number of people requesting this service has dwindled of late so that currently, we understand, there is only one person who benefits from this special service. If you know of someone who would enjoy listening to a copy of the Chronicle please contact Judith Greening.

We do know that the late Sheila Leslie-Miller was a recipient of this service and much enjoyed listening to the various stories and articles at home.

Issue 412
May 2019

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