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Kibworth Art Lovers’ Society

On 21 May, Danielle Vaughan demonstrated Collage art and talked about how it is created. Danielle is a mixed-media professional artist creating her art from waste materials, mainly ripped paper from magazines, and fabric. She has a very distinct unique style, concentrating on pattern, colour, and textures and adding random forms of text.

Danielle is known for her portraits. When she appeared on Sky Television’s ‘Portrait Artist of the Year’, her sitter, Noel Fielding, chose her portrait to take home. She also does wonderful wildlife, birds, floral and landscape designs.

Danielle demonstrated a floral landscape to the group showing how she starts with a base of corrugated card, then using PVA glue starts to layer strips of ripped paper to form the background of her picture. Shapes are torn to form the actual subject of the picture. This is done in layers to give depth and tone.
Danielle divides her time between running many workshops in galleries and her studio in Wigston.

Our next meeting at the On the Edge Framing Workshop is cancelled.

The society’s Annual Exhibition will be held in Kibworth Grammar School Hall in August. See the Chronicle’s ‘Forthcoming Events’ pages for more detail.

Monica Lloyd & Ros Holmes
Issue 413
June 2019

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