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Year 9 Visit Pembroke College, Cambridge
In April, ten Year 9 students visited Pembroke College, to find out more about such a prestigious institution, and to experience the reality of being a university student in such a vibrant city. Pembroke has a strong tutorial system, offering support in whatever way they can.

Students Evie Parker and Judith Riley spoke to current students to seek an honest view on subjects, university life and ‘why Pembroke’.

Jess Glynn-Smith was unsure about going to university, but the visit made her realise that it’s not only good to further your education, but that it is also great for learning life responsibilities.

DMU Easter Masterclasses
During the Easter holiday seven Year 10 students participated in De Montfort University’s Easter Masterclasses. In the Healthcare Science class students looked at many different aspects of medicine and healthcare which student Hannah Davey said she really enjoyed and found fascinating.

After completing her masterclass Lucy Wilks was more certain that she wanted to pursue a career in science; and Poppy Gibbins loved her Art masterclass, which included fashion, sculpting, drawing and photography.

The week culminated in a celebration lunch and awards ceremony for the students and their families. A great experience, many thanks to De Montfort University.

Issue 413
June 2019

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