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It’s just not cricket!

Although there is no Chronicle
In August or July
There still are several happenings
Whose joys we can’t deny.
Among them comes summer’s return
Of cricket (when it’s dry ),
And if you doubt it’s interesting
Here are some reasons why.
Where else could you see short fine legs
Hat tricks when caps they wear?
Perchance there is a silly point
A gulley rather square.
You might witness cow corner
Even leg breaks are not rare.
At Langton, Kibworth, Gumley,
These are joys for you to share.
But don’t delay - for as you read
This Chronicle does bring
A most profound event right here,
An annual happening;
Whatever your response will be -
To shake your head or grin;
Gales, snow and frosts are on their way -
The nights are drawing in!  

Roger Garratt
Issue 413
June 2019

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