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New Term News!
The Early Years Foundation Stage children have settled and have come in happy and eager to learn. Thank you parents and carers for your support in preparing them all so well.

Year 1’s ‘Splendid Skies’ topic discussed what would happen to a balloon if we sent it up into the clouds. The children wrote a little note to place inside our biodegradable class balloon. We set it off outside, wondering where it will go and what weather it will experience.

Year 2 found a mysterious box hidden in the playground. Inside the box, they found many clues and discovered it was a time capsule all about Kibworth in the past. They have set themselves the challenge of becoming ‘Street Detectives’ to delve into the history of Kibworth.

To introduce us to our first Year 3 topic  ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’, we had a food tasting afternoon. We predicted what ingredients were in foods such as chocolate, bread and cheese and we discussed whether the food was from plants, animals or from both plants and animals.

Year 4 found out a little bit about the evidence that tells us that Romans once lived in Leicester. We learned about life as a Roman soldier - from their bathroom arrangements to when they started wearing socks! We got to have a go at using some of the weapons the soldiers used in battle. We also tried marching to Roman instructions.

Year 5 recreated the Battle of Bosworth for their topic engage day. We took the sides of Henry Tudor (House of Lancaster) and Richard III (House of York) and fought for victory. Despite Richard’s larger army, Henry Tudor was victorious and in 1485 the Tudor era began.

Year 6 topic is called ‘Hola Mexico’, learning all about the history, geography and culture of this amazing country. We learned about their delicious food and made our very own nachos - yummy! We also diced onion, tomatoes and garlic for a fantastic salsa for our tortillas. Added with some melted cheese, it made for a scrumptious treat.

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Issue 414
September 2019

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