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GCSE Success
The Kibworth School’s 2019 GCSE results confirm the school’s continued strong academic performance. Over 84% of all students gained a 4+ GCSE for combined English and Maths, and 57% achieved 5+ in both subjects. A third of our students achieved a grade 7 or higher in English (equivalent to a legacy grade A or higher), and 18% of students secured a grade 7 or higher in Maths.

In Science, despite national changes to the qualification, 77% of our students achieved a grade 4 or higher in at least two subjects. 38% of students achieved a grade 7 in at least one subject; a phenomenal achievement. Even more impressive is that one in five of our students achieved a grade 8, and one in ten of our students secured top grade 9s.

Staff are delighted that students of all abilities, regardless of their starting point, have made incredible progress since Year 7. Emma Merry, Headteacher, said,

We are immensely proud of our students. They have taken all the changes to GCSE asessments in their stride, studied hard and have done incredibly well. We wish them every success in their next adventure.

 Kibworth Goodman Exhibition Fund – apply now!
A former Headmaster of Kibworth Grammar School, Jeremiah Goodman, bequeathed £300 on his death in 1836 and nearly 200 years later, this small fund continues to provide support for past students of what is now The Kibworth School.

If you are a former student of The Kibworth School/Kibworth High School, aged 26 or under, the Fund may be able to help support you with your further education or training. Grants of up to £150 are available for items such as:

  • Clothing or materials eg text books or uniform.
  • Tools or equipment to support educational or training purposes.
  • Transport/travel costs for educational or training purposes.
  • Tuition fees for educational or training courses (excludes evening courses).

The deadline for the next round of applications is Tuesday 1 October. To apply, please download the application guide and form from the school website www.thekibworthschool.org/Community or call into reception between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Year 6 Open Evening
We’d love to welcome you to our open evening on Wednesday 25 September

Issue 414
September 2019

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