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Farewell to Chronicle stalwarts

Brenda Dunn
For over 30 years, Brenda Dunn has worked tirelessly for the Kibworth Chronicle. In the early years, she helped to type up articles from handwritten originals but later adapted readily to the challenge of new technology such as Macs and was happy to share her knowledge with others. Brenda was a member of our Management Committee and served as Secretary until very recently.

Everyone involved in the Sunday morning lay-ups in Kibworth Village Hall appreciated her calmness and patience as she was bombarded with requests for changes to some of the articles. She was proud of her grandchildren and was often accompanied and assisted at lay-up by Joe and Millie. Though having many family responsibilities she always made time for the Chronicle.

Thank you Brenda for all your hard work over the years. We wish you a very happy ‘retirement’.

Brenda Dunn Stephen Poyzer and Barbara Pickering

Stephen Poyzer
A member of the Chronicle since its 10th anniversary in 1988, Stephen Poyzer has been involved in almost every aspect of its production and management. He served as Treasurer for a number of years and his interest in IT saw him take on the role of Technical Manager which included looking into the use of computers by the Chronicle, the creation of our website and experiments in social media as a way to encourage community engagement.

On the sudden and untimely death of Richard Darke in October 1999, Stephen, as Vice Chairman, stepped up to the responsibilities of Chairman, a role he has held for 20 years. Now, after seeing the Chronicle reach its 40th year, he is to take a well-earned rest from all his efforts. The whole team thank him wholeheartedly for the countless hours he has devoted to its continued success and wish him well for the future.

Barbara Pickering
When volunteers arrive at the village hall on Chronicle lay-up Sunday, many will be unaware of the early birds who have set up everything to make their task of pasting up their page run smoothly. For several years, Barbara Pickering has taken on the task of ensuring that all is ready: scissors, blue pens and red pencils, rulers, adhesive tape, alignment grids, you name it. She has also kept tabs on supplies and ordered them in good time to prevent any disruption to the newspaper’s efficient production.

As well as all this, she has made sure that the header and footer of each page are aligned correctly - harder than it looks - and that the name of the correct layer-up is assigned to each page.

In addition to her role as Lay-up Officer, Barbara has always willingly laid up a page, made the coffee if necessary and helped to pack up at the end of each session. She has also welcomed newcomers and made them feel at home. Thank you for all your behind-the-scenes work Barbara. Enjoy your well-earned time out.

Issue 414
September 2019

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