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Christmas 60 years ago

Most of us have at some time attended a celebratory function linked to our place of work and usually it centres around Christmas and the New Year.
A business based in Kibworth, known locally by the name of ‘The Hatchery’, offered just that for its employees 60 years ago. W D Evans Ltd started this company before the Second World War and their premises occupied an area covering 1.5 hectares and was situated on the Harborough Road (A6) south east of the village.

The picture shows the firm’s employees gathered at the Assembly Rooms in Abbey Street, Market Harborough in December 1959 for a Christmas party.
This was the main venue for organised dances, hunt balls and many other social events for the surrounding area. The Assembly Rooms were built is 1903, replacing the earlier Corn Exchange of 1858. However, in the 1960s they were demolished and replaced by the Edinburgh House offices.

I was fortunate to obtain this photograph from John Winter of Kibworth and with invaluable help from Pam Tear, who worked for the company in 1959. Those in attendance included - Sheila & Wally Milson, Jackie Bailey, Sylvia Lewin, George Thurlow, Lucy Brewster, Bernard Sturgess, Boff Collins, Florence Winter, George Winter, Philip Spencer, Pete & Iris Craven, Pam Tear (nee Cockerill), Dave & Judy Simons, Diane Collins, Pam Buzzard and Pat MacDonald. Mr W D Evans, is seated fifth from the left on the second row from the front, with his son by his side.

Glyn Hatfield
Issue 417
December 2019

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