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Laughton Church Repairs

Pictured is the removal of the bell from the church of St Luke’s Laughton. Following storms last winter the bell and furnishings were found to be in need of repair, which will cost almost £10,000, currently being raised by the local community.

Dating from the 13th century, the church was partly demolished and restored in the 17th/18th centuries and has a very rare thatched mud wall on the north and west sides. The church has one solitary bell which was cast in 1777 by Edward Arnold of St Neots. St Luke’s bell, known as the five minute chiming bell, is rung to call the local churchgoers to services.

The work is currently being undertaken by Taylor’s Bellfoundry of Loughborough, the largest bellfoundry in the world, which has cast many famous bells including Liverpool Cathedral’s Great George Bourden Bell, weighing nearly 15 tons, and Great Paul of St Paul’s Cathedral nearly 17 tons, the largest bell in the UK.

Although only weighing in at a mere 3cwt, a ‘baby’ in comparison to more famous bells, it is nonetheless an important fixture of the church, and after it is reinstalled, it will continue to summon the faithful to church for many years to come.

Jenny Quinn
Issue 417
December 2019

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