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Hit refresh for ‘New Year’

Once we have finished devouring a roast turkey round the dinner table with the family, opened all our presents only to find out your mum has brought you new clothes, you’ve trekked to a local field covered in a thick layer of snow for sledging (fingers crossed), now it’s time to look to the new year ahead. A New Year means a new start, where if 2019 was not your year then 2020 is the new start needed to refresh.

A New Year in my household started with us gathering round the dinner table in the morning for a fry up breakfast, in which we all discussed our New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions would only last the next couple of weeks (studies show only 25% of us stay true to our word after just 30 days - shame on you), but gave us something to laugh at knowing it would not last long.

After the meal a New Year’s walk was the tradition, where we would drive over to Beacon Hill with our dog, who we always managed to lose in the first few minutes once released from the lead.

As the years went by I have found myself struggling to remember the night of New Year’s Eve. On the morning of the 1 January I’ll be reflecting on my year I had of celebrating my Graduation, spending a week in Bulgaria with mates and witnessing England win a world cup! (Sadly cricket, not football.) These are just a few memories that resonate with me for the year of 2019.

At the time of writing this, Christmas has not yet taken place and snacks have not been left out for Santa, but after a long year I am looking forward to the time off (most likely spent in the pub).

But 2019 will be memorable for everyone for different reasons. Some flashbacks of the 19th year of the 21st century are that it was the year that Brexit dragged on, an Instagram post of an egg reached 38 million likes, Avengers became the highest grossing film and Hugh Jackman seemed to be on all screens across the nation in ‘The Greatest Showman’.

Another year on for younger people means another new school year, whether this be tackling exams (GCSE’S/A Levels) or preparing for the years of exams later on in life. Others might be thinking of university or even stepping on the property ladder! But for me 20 has always been my lucky number, I only see 2020 as a year of experience and pushing on. To make an end, is to make a new beginning. Happy New Year to all!

John Williams
Issue 417
December 2019

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