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Kibworth Woodland

My thanks to the many volunteers who took part in this year’s tree planting initiative, which took place on Saturday 30 November at the Warwick Road Recreation Ground, here in Kibworth. It was a great turn out, despite the crisp and foggy start to the day.

Almost 200 new trees were planted within 2 hours by some 30 volunteers. Everyone got stuck in- young families to older helping hands, which was great to see.
A variety of tree saplings (rowans, silver birches, hollies, crab apples, hazels, wild cherries, to name a few) were planted in spots pre-approved by the Kibworth Parish Councils. Many residents and volunteers provided great feedback and I’ve been encouraged by their enthusiasm to help plant more.

It was a fantastic achievement and there was a great sense of community spirit on the day! Over the course of the month around 400 trees had been planted across Kibworth and it is hoped we could do more in the future!

Kibworth can be proud to say it’s doing its bit for the environment. More to come. Watch this space...

If you’re interested to hear about future planting events or have a planting area for consideration, please do get in touch by email to kibworthwoodland@gmail.com.

Best wishes for the Christmas and New Year period.

Vijay Chavda
Kibworth Woodland
Issue 417
December 2019

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